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    Parental Advisory

    Parental Advisory

    Music World Radio is aimed at a mature audience. Some themes, ideas and language broadcast may not be suitable for listeners under the age of 18.

    MusicWorldRadio presents

    DJ Destiny

    Real Name: Sarah
    Second Life Name: Sereana Destiny
    Age: 30
    Location: The Boondocks of North Carolina

    Scheduled Show Time: Wednesday :00 - :00

    Destiny was born in the Wilderness of Northern, NY. She spent her youth with Mother Nature, and when Mom wasn't around enjoyed spending time with her older brothers who successfully taught her to be a good little brother. She was introduced to music early in school when she had a wonderful music teacher who relentlessly worked with her for a number of years on vocals as well as teaching her the joy of percussion instruments such as the xylophone, wood block, bells, congas, tambourines, triangles and so on. She enjoyed performing in plays and concerts when the opportunities came, But never enjoyed the spotlight.

    DJ Destiny moved a lot throughout her childhood, but she remained persistent to ensure music and art programs were included in her studies with every move. Love of music also attracted her to many churches of different religions where she sang in choirs. She also enjoyed to organize groups of friends to put on plays, dance routines and music performances for elderly citizens around town. She now enjoys joining local musicians with vocals, washboard, Cajun box drum and anything else she can find that makes interesting sounds.

    There was barely anything mainstream about her music experiences, other then the hours of car rides with the radio blared when she'd drive her brothers nuts singing along. She has a hard time wrapping her head around genres which is reflected in her shows now. She has enjoyed the variety of sounds that have been introduced to her by fans and DJs alike here at Music World Radio and finds delight in mixing different songs from different times and genres up in her shows here. Her music collection is Varied, Eclectic, Random, Uninhibited, and constantly growing.

    "Variety is the Spice of life + Music is Life = Me, Music World Radio's DJ Destiny"