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    Parental Advisory

    Parental Advisory

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    MusicWorldRadio presents

    Real name: David Bourne
    Age: 42

    Show Times:Tuesday:00 to :00

    Dj impulse was born in West Bromwich, which is near Birmingham in the UK. From an early love of all the new dance sounds which started to appear towards the end of the 80’s Dave was hooked on the feel of House and Dance. This love progressed to an intense passion for Trance, but overall he was into anything which was well produced, exciting and involved the creative use of electronic instruments and the newly discovered art of sampling. This love of music pulled him towards working in the Dj arena, but this soon got distracted by women, cars, alcohol and the day to day career. The working Dj life had come to an end!

    During 2007, when he became 40 the mid life crisis started (if you are around my age you will fully understand). It was decided that something thrilling was in order to keep him feel young. After the discussions on motorbikes was brought to an abrupt end Dave new where his heart was. Equipment was purchased cards printed and a web site creatred, Dj impulse was born.

    By focusing on bringing the club feel to a private venue Dave soon found himself booked out by the young or the young minded who were fed up with the usual mobile disco’s. Dj impulse, his equipment and his music collection have now all progressed now with him trying his hand at radio work. His show Evolution on Music World Radio is still very much in its infancy, however he is confident that the listener figures will continue to grow.

    Show Name: Evolution
    DJ Favourites:
    Dj – Dave Pearce
    Club – Gatecrasher
    Track – Tiesto’s Adagio for String’s
    Gig – Benjamin’s Evolution (fight night)
    Holiday club destination – Cyprus (Napa)
    Film – Forest Gump
    Food – Sushi, Crispy Aromatic Duck & Indian food
    Drink – Red Wine
    Car – Aston Martin DB9 or Vantage

    DJ Impulse Website: