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    Parental Advisory

    Parental Advisory

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    MusicWorldRadio presents

    Real name: Richard Temple
    Age: 41
    Location: Spain

    Show Times:Tuesday:00 to :00

    Magick was born in the UK nine months after the Summer of Love.

    He decided to devote his life to music after seeing his first live gig, Adam and the Ants, at the age of 14 in 1982. Two years later he was singing with his first band Three Dead Crows, and by 1985 he had dropped out of college and was running his first promotions agency, UADN Promotions.

    He quickly settled into his preferred instrument of electric bass, and the vocals took a back seat, as he moved through a succession of small underground bands throughout the '80s, releasing a number of independent records, including the album Relief, with The Belfast Cowboys (feat. members of The Nightingales and Mighty Mighty) which made the indie top 50, and touring in Europe with The Rain Devils.

    In 1986 he also joined Dog Food, for whom he was to play bass, sing and write music for the next 21 years, spanning 17 (mostly live) albums, a single and two book releases.

    The 1990s saw a return to promotional work, with Discordian Promotions, which he ran and built up over six years to be a highly respected force on the UK indie and punk scene, pioneering the push for independent internet promotions that seems so indispensable today.

    Magick retired from the industry in 2000, continuing to play with Dog Food until he immigrated to Denmark in 2007.

    Now living in Spain, the manager of Music World Radio and enables Magick to stay in touch with his lifelong passion for creative and unusual music.


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