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    Parental Advisory

    Parental Advisory

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    MusicWorldRadio presents
    DJ Readman

    Real Name: Paul Readman
    Age: 39
    Location: Banbury, Oxfordshire, England

    Show Times: Monday :00 to :00 Radio Variety show
    Thursday :00 to :00 Radio Variety Show

    First taste of music fame was running my own record shop in Banbury, Oxfordshire from 94 - 2005, met a lot of people, DJ's and musicians. In this time mixed drum and House, played out locally, promoting local DJ's.

    Started a printed magazine in 2003, reviewed local gigs, band CD's and local bands. There were four of us running and producing the magazine, which just covered the local area.

    Then i went into business with two other people to start what was possibly the first online net station in town. This is where cool music revolution magazine began, doing a 3 hours show. This went down after 6 months due to bad management and the shop closed not long after. In that time played with various musicans at local jams on guitar, bass and keyboard and the local theatre, met a lot of bands.

    Various things overlapped with the shop closer, the magazine mainly from paper to net forum and then to a small magazine site.

    2006 While i was developing the magazine, I began two deck mix DJing on Aftershock Radio, promoting dnb with all vinyl, getting as many new tunes as i could. But promoting bands was the one side that was missing.

    2007, I began Ruthless Sounds, trying to something different other sound on vinyl on decks as well as drum & bass, but after so long, it wasnt working so i left that station.

    2008 was the birth of the broadcasting music in a John peel style show which he had always wanted to do on, Music World Radio. This is now the home of DJ Readmans, Radio Variety Show now 2013, still here.

    The shows Monday and Thursday, Many Sounds and Many Styles. Since then i have interiewed many artists and in house performance
    From, Red Myst, local acoustic artist Kate Dare. Dog Food, Jet Noir and loads of SKype interview from Maini Sorri to Soil

    Febuary 2011 launched Music Revolution Promotion through a freesite to content music reviews and videos




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