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    Parental Advisory

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    Welcome to the music reviews
    This has just been updated
    The most recent is Maini Sorri Single review (24th January)
    All reviews are CD's recieved, digital promos via labels, promoters or the artists themselves
    There are links to buy the CD, to download or both, depending are a sale link
    If you like anything you see or hear you can nominate a song onto the mwr chart top 20
    All reviews are public forum linked so you can comment on them and request a song
    No reviews are subject to change

    Maini Sorri- Let Me do your time single review review

    Lee Negin- Hungry Ghosts CD review

    There Be Pirates- Albums review
    (folk pop/alt/U.S)

    Clockwise - Faders on Stun album review
    (Pop rock/Canada)

    A Beta Movement - A Beta Movement ep

    Dan korn - Dustbowl ep

    Jet Noir - Agent Espionage ep

    Police Bastard - Its Good to Hate CD review

    Tine Lie(Lee) - Free Enough To Fall album review

    Bad Attitude - Six Finger Ep

    Pop Incorporated - Looking for the KLF
    (Indie/dance/Pop/Modo records/U.K/U.S)

    Last Under the Sun - Gone
    (Punk/alternative/Iron Man Records)

    carol hahn - into the night/Take me and Dance
    (single remix reviews)

    Peasant of Posture - Counter Revolution

    Invey - Addiction For comfort

    Ox - Distant Shores

    Lost Without Cause: Come On/Situation

    Barbara Rubin - Under the Ice

    Carolin Seitz - My Greatest Invention ep

    Emma Gilespie- Stamp Your Feet
    (single review/accoustic/vocal)

    Joz and Dj Marcus - Passion
    (single review/Dance/vocal/crash Records)

    The Duel - Childish Behaviour

    The Keys
    ( accoustic/vocal/Ska/U.K)

    Cijay- Let it Be

    Hoboud - Hobouda

    Nice as Pie - Stand Well Back

    Various- Refreacture ep
    (drum & bass/dangerous new age)